Moscow CatCafes Cats & People

You can have here free coffee or tea, eat free cookies, lie in a hammock with a free issued iPad and surf the net, read a book, watch the cats, play with them. If you like any cat, you can take patronage over it. You can order food and have dinner, but be warned that you will be followed for at least 20 cat's eyes, and it is possible that someone wants to scout what you eat tasty.

Mission of Cats & People is to create a quite place with relaxing atmosphere for people who love
cats, give a new information about cats, creating islands of peace in the big city. We believe in social responsibility and the need for proximity to nature.
We sincerely believe that it makes the world a better place. We work with the cats shelters and help homeless cats to find a loving home.

Socializing with cats.
Ability to take patronage over the cat, cat love, and become its owner.
Prokonsultruem of choice

Free coffee and tea as well as cookies, cakes, and of course iPads for the Internet, which iozhno lie in a hammock and listen to koto Vj

Quick Order food Chayhona # 1 and Chocolate

Buy or order souvenirs
with images of cats

Showing Japanese cartoons about cats, and not only, as well as show pleasing films

Charging (wired and wireless)

Our staff dressed in inimitable kotokostyumy

We are one kotoporody
days and days with her mother kotodetok

We teach you how to draw cats and show our kotokomiksy

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    Republic cats

    Republic cats - the first Russian kotokafe open in St. Petersburg, and it is absolutely beautiful. It saves the Hermitage cats, and without the help of the hostess of this wonderful cafe in the museum club seals and people all get much worse.